Are you longing for a brand that represent your soul?
Are you unsure how to get started, or what that “brand” even looks like?

“I want to serve in a bigger way but my brand doesn’t align with my message.”
”I’m so ready to get out there, but I’m afraid I don’t look professional enough.”
”I started my business step by step and my brand never formed I just put out content, I’m not attracting the clients I can best serve when my brand message isn’t consistent.”
”Custom logo isn’t quite in my budget…”

Sound familiar?

You have yearned for a brand that you’re excited to show off!

It’s ok… I got you! I created something special for you!

Marcia Schabel - Intuitive Brand Designer - Sacred Portal

Let me introduce myself - I am Marcia, an Intuitive Brand Designer.

I work with clients one on one to channel the expression of their frequency into their brand. My one on one clients align with these two values:
• Support Earth
• Spread Love

When I design brands, I enter my dream space to work with higher consciousness + receive downloads that I co-create within my dream space.

I receive multiple downloads and transmissions but, who are they all for?

You. thats why your’re here.
Intuitive brands designed for the collective.




The logos within the Sacred Portal came through for someone - a business with a big mission or a soul ready to take their business to the next level.

I admire you and am here to support you.
The work you’re doing isn’t easy.
You’re not alone.
By showing up and doing the work you’re called to do,
I promise you you’re making a difference.
You’re spreading your light + love.
And it matters a lot.
Im honored to gift your brand frequency to you.


Walk through the portal to find your brand.

A brand that aligns with your message.
A brand that’s fierce, feminine, masculine, soft.
A brand that will call in your divine clients. That will change clients lives.

Sacred Portal
Intuitive brands designed for the collective 


• 12 page, brand guide
• Full brand package customized with your business name
• 1-week turn around time after brand purchase
• Ownership of your new brand