Jenny Shufelt

identity design

Jenny is a mind + body coach who navigates ways to embrace the human experience. Through her coaching, she frees you from the stress + overwhelms to a life with more presence and joy!

Her coaching is built around a deeper, kinder connection to self. The feather is a large part of her brand, reminding her clients to be light, to release, and to find comfort in change.

Easy and clear templates were created for Jenny to easily create workbooks + ebooks + quote tiles on her own. The templates empower her within her business when creating soul filled content for her clients.

Jenny Shufelt - Intuitive Brand Design
Jenny Shufelt - Intuitive Brand Design
Jenny Shufelt- Intuitive Brand Design - Print Design - Ebook  - Layout
Jenny Shufelt - Intuitive Brand Design

Words of love from Jenny…

I knew I had a vision, and I just had no idea where to begin. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what I needed help with, but Marcia got the ball rolling for me! It just made my business feel real.

This is probably super cheesy, but the logo design was my fave. I had no idea how one small image could make myself and my business come to life.

If you’re looking to give life to your business, I would say, let someone else paint a picture for you! Sometimes we are so close to our own business that we can’t see other possibilities. With Marcia’s “outside” perspective, it helped me find a bigger vision that I would have found on my own.

Marcia is kind and patient. I struggled to bring my business to life, and I probably would still be hanging out “thinking” about this business if Marcia didn’t sprinkle her magic on it. 🖤

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